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  • #1 farm by Flor Control

  • Beauty and emotions

  • 42 hectares dedicated to production

  • Certified: Fair trade, Basc, Flor Ecuador

  • We have over 120 varieties of roses

  • Beauty and emotions

vineta Innovation and variety
We have over 120 varieties of roses in production with a constant focus in renovation, and variety innovation.

vineta Quality control
We are consistent in quality. For more than 15 years, Hoja Verde has been listed the #1 farm by Flor Control, a quality control inspector specialized in Ecuadorian and Colombian flowers (www.florcontrol.com). Our quality complaints are below 0.25%.

vineta Our Markets
We supply to the most strict markets: Swiss, German, Arab Emirates, Sweden, Russia, and the USA.

vineta Grow your business
Hoja Verde is committed to supplying superior roses, so you can focus only on selling, and adding prestige to your busines


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Production according to demand

Hoja Verde has 42 hectares dedicated to rose production in the famous Cayambe Valley. 

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Fair Trade Certified USA
Fair Trade Certified
Basc Certified
Flor Ecuador Certified
Flor Control

Some of our Community Projects are:

1.- Housing for workers
2.- Educational support for our workers´ families
3.- Offer employee loans/financing at better rates than the formal banking system.
4.- Organic vegetables and small animal production projects with women from the neighboring village.
5.-  Pediatric services for our workers´ children, for example vaccination programs.